I just subscribed to you. I looove your videos. Okay byeeee 🐨😜

Aaaaagh thank you and thank you!

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Hi there. You probably won't know me. But I just watched your happy video, and ti made me so, so happy. Thank you for that <3

I’m so glad :) and thank you for watching it!

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Great cool the part that goes "wah wah wah meow meow rawr wahh (sp?) meow rawr" sorry in advanced for any errors

Yeah no you got it perfectly. Yes that means ‘no no why am I awake no I don’t want to no no no F off no’. Pretty poetic stuff.

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What is this bs, Lauren, you look adorable in the mornings (no, really) I mean I guess we are all flawless and you are too (I'm being serious, you look adorable in the morning).

We have a different definition of adorable!!!

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We speak the same language of morning. But I think I use a different dialect than you. And you can remember your dreams/nightmares? I applaud you.

Not always but yeah, I do remember them sometimes. Which isn’t always a good thing because they are strange.

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"The funny thing, is that I wear the same clothes like every single day. You will most likely see me wear different variations of the same clothes over and over." - Grace Helbig (2008)



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